Pilkington Group
Professor Melanie Pilkington (FRSC)
Former Tier (II) Canada Research Chair
Department of Chemistry, Brock University
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85. Cascade oxidation and C–H bond activation on a Ga(I) centre, A. Kassymbek, S. Vyboishchikov, B. Gabidullin, D. Spasyuk, M. Pilkington and G. Nikonov,* Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2019, 131, 18270. Doi.org/10.1002/ange.201913028

84. Slow magnetic relaxation in Dy2 and Dy4 complexes of a versatile, trifunctional polydentate N,O-ligand, M. U. Anwar,* A. Al-Harrasi, J. M. Rawson,* E. L. Gavey, J. Regier, D. Alexandropoulos, M. Pilkington*, and L. K. Thompson, Dalton Trans., 2019, 48, 14269. Inside Front Cover.

83. Competitive Hydrogen Bonding of Cyclopropenium Ions: Implications of an Anion Switch, R. Le Sueur, M. Guest, L. Belding , M. Pilkington and T. Dudding,* Tet. Letts., 2019, 60, 150928.

82. Click Chemistry as a Route to the Synthesis of Structurally New and Magnetically Interesting Coordination Clusters: A {Ni(II)8} complex with a trapezoidal prismatic topology, P. Abbasi, A.A. Athanasopoulou, E.C. Mazarakioti, K. Gagnon, S.J. Teat, A. Escuer,* M. Pilkington* and Th.C. Stamatatos,* Dalton Trans2019, 48, 11632. 'Hot paper'.

81. Polypyridyl Ligands as a Versatile Platform for Solid-State Light-Emitting Devices, B, Pashaei, S, Karimi, H. Shahroos,* P. Abbasi, M. Pilkington,* A. Bartolotta,* F. Bonaccorso, Chem. Soc. Rev., 2019, 48, 5033.

80. Towards 4f-SMMs with D5h Symmetry: Magneto-Structural and Theoretical Studies of Ln(III) Complexes of a Dual Compartmental Macrocycle, J. RegierL, Wloderek, Z. Ras Ali, D.I. Alexandropoulos, J.M. Rawson and M. Pilkington,* Dalton Trans., 2019submitted for publication.

79. Magneto-structural Studies of Two M-O-M Bridged Homochiral Mixed Valence Co(II)/Co(III) Complexes, A.T. PhamP. Abbasi, G. Delle Monache, E.C. Mazarakioti, J.M. Rawson, Th.C. Stamatatos and M. Pilkington,* Polyhedron2019, 170, 34.

78. Structural, Magnetic and Optical Studies of the 9′-Anthracenyl Dithiadiazolyl Radical, Y. Beldjoudi, A. Arauzo, J. Campo, E.L. Gavey, M. Pilkington and J.M. Rawson,* JAm. Chem.Soc ., 2019, 141, 6875.

77. A linear tetranuclear Cu(II) complex exhibiting both ferro and antiferromagnetic couplings: Synthesis, characterisation and magneto-structural studies, M. U. Anwar,* A. Al-Harrasi, M. Pilkington, E.L. Gavey, J.M. Rawson,* Polyhedron, 2019, 165, 63.
76. Selective Aerobic Oxidation of Benzylic Alcohols Catalyzed by a Dicyclopropenylidene–Ag(I) Complex, R. Mir, R. Rowshanpour, K. Dempsey, M. Pilkington and T. Dudding,* J. Org. Chem.2019, 84, 5726.